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the teachers lounge porn

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the teachers lounge pornthe teachers lounge porn

An Oklahoma woman who taught a high school sex ed class has been accused of having sex with a teen student, including multiple times in the school's teachers' lounge, the Enid News & Eagle reports . According to her handwritten, mistake-filled confession, the suspended teacher deeply regrets "the deasion."

Police say 32-year-old Daresa Poe maintained a sexual relationship with the unnamed 18-year-old up until she was questioned on Tuesday, having had sex with student in his truck just hours earlier. Under current Oklahoma law, sexual contact with any student under 21 years old is illegal.

I am Daresa Poe a wife, mother and teacher. I have made a horrible mistake. I have let my judgement [sic] faulter [sic] and I am embarrassed and mortified for the deasions [sic] I have made in the last two weeks. I have had sexual intercourse with a student. I am so very sorry for the decision I have made.

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