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gay porn star jobsgay porn star jobs

M arc Hamilton is just back from a holiday at Disney World, which held
an all-gay weekend. Years ago, he says, he worked there, on the
now-defunct “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” ride. “Horrible ride,” he says,
“it’s no longer there.” To spice up his very first day on the job, his
training supervisor blew him. “We were in the back, where the ride went
through the water on tracks.”

This time around, he had no such waterside adventures. But he did
get lots of smiles and shy waves from other gay men he’d never met. They
recognized him, but not for his current day job — he is an assistant
manager of a health club in Minneapolis. What they
knew him from was his porn career. In the past two years he has done 20
hardcore videos, including “Deep in the Brig,” “Fallen Angel,” “Slave
Brothel” and “Glory Hole Pigs.” Every few months he takes a leave from work and flies to California to have sex before the cameras.

Hamilton also relishes the attention of a small but worldwide audience. Every night he comes home to 20 to 30 e-mails. They write from some of the most remote spots in the United States, where the sight of a manly, out-of-the-closet homosexual having great sex is a rare thing. “I got one last night from a guy who said he could never come out, so he thanked me for creating a fantasy. You don’t know what that did to me.”

What do his employers think of all this? “What you do on your time is your business,” he says. Many of the health club’s gay members certainly know of his porn sideline. They might even know that he had won the title of “best newcomer” at the Probe “men in video” gay porn awards held last year in July. (This year he’s up for “best bottom.”)

Why does he do it? “It’s not the money,” he says. Porn pays anywhere from $500 to $1,000 per shoot. “The money is nothing compared to what I do in my day job,” West says. Rather, he does it to show off his fine figure, which includes an outsized sex organ and a hairy chest but no navel (“surgery when I was an infant”). Both West and Hamilton deny that they have become porn stars as an expression of frustration or anger about their fundamentalist pasts.

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